What is your Dream Job

Whats is your Dream Job
Whats is your Dream Job

Everybody in this world has a dream job, and most of us even don’t know the answer of this question so in this article we will discuss about this question and answer of whats is my dream job, we would discuss about all related factors and try to find out the answer of whats is my Dream Job.

Also it is asked in almost all Job Interview that Whats is your Dream Job, so to answer this question, candidate (Interviewee) should know the answer of What is his/her Dream Job.

How would you describe your Dream Job (Perfect Job) in general

Whats is your Dream Job?

In a very simple language, Dream Job is what we enjoy doing it tirelessly and get paid for that enjoyment. Now the question comes how to find out that, but at the same time that is very necessary and hard too to find the answer of this question.

At the start of our career, most of us even don’t know what we like doing and what we are going to do in our future, but we just land up in a job and lately we find that this is not my cup of tea and then we start evaluating ourselves, our likings, our interest, etc. and that way we end up in more confusion and frustration, so its very necessary to get the answer of What is my dream job before even jump into the first job in our career.

Whats is your Dream Job

To get the answer of what is my Dream Job, one must evaluate himself/herself on the scale of some parameters like his or her interest, market conditions, market demands, what value addition I can provide to the world in that particular field, Can I work tirelessly in that job, Will I be bored of doing this any point of time in my life.  

If we evaluate ourselves with these parameters, we would definitely get the answer of this questions.

Trust Yourself

While you are trying to find out the answer of What is my Dream Job, the first thing is you should trust yourself, never think that you can not get your that Job, nothing is impossible in this world. You always can get anything that you want, if you know what is Your Dream Job and what you need to do to get the same.

In General words, the answer of everyone’s question of “What is my Dream Job” is the job that is your passion and you enjoy doing that job and if you don’t get tired then that is your Dream Job.  

How to Answer – Whats is your dream job in an Interview

This question is almost same as the most frequent question that is asked in almost all the interviews- “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

What hiring managers really want to find out is what you’re passionate about and will you be able to enjoy doing this. They really want to hear the answer whether you would be happy doing this job or not. They don’t expect that you tell them that this is your dream job, what they really want to hear is whether there are some similarities with your dream job, your ambitions with that particular job, and if you give them some related answer you get closer of getting that job.

Evaluating yourself

The best way to prepare for this question beforehand is you should spend some time evaluating yourself and ask yourself these three important questions –

  1. What is my passion?
  2. Will I get bored someday doing this particular job?
  3. Can I enjoy doing this particular job without tiring?

If you get  answer of these 3 questions then definitely you would get the answer of this very important question that not only get you a job but also can change your life.

How to answer in your Interview

Answering “What’s your dream job?” or “whats is your dream job” is not that easy but also a great chance to show the interviewer your ambitions and positive thinking. This question also comes up with a great chance where you can explain your likings, your core values, how are your values match with company’s values, how can you add value to company, how your ambitions match with company’s ambitions so that Interviewer gets to know insights of your long term goals and also explain why that particular job excites you.

While answering this question you also talk about your values and how can they help you aligning with company’s core values and ambitions. Also talk about your passion and your passion should match with the job you are applying for, the hiring managers also look for the stability of candidates that means they try to find out whether you will remain in the organization for the long terms or you just came here for stop gap arrangement because the organizations always want to hire you for a long term and if you answer this question perfectly and honestly that way the hiring manager gets impressed with your answer and you get closer to landing the job.

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Whats is your Dream Job

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