Time Management for students

Time Management for Students
Time Management for Students

Everyone has got equivalent time of 24 hours in a day but the way we utilize those 24 hours makes all the difference. While some people feel scarcity of time for their activities, while some make good use of their 24 hours and get all their tasks completed within the time frame. There is no one in the world who could manipulate the time, the only way to effectively spend your time is by utilizing in the best manner. The following are some of the Time management tips for students.

Prepare your time audit

By the word time audit, it means keeping track of your time. You may decide some time limit for a particular task but end up spending much more time than it was allotted. You are recommended to use some of the apps which can help you maintain your time audit in an effective manner. These apps will let you know which all tasks in your day stole your time so that you can make appropriate adjustments.

Set time limits for every task

It is essential making time limits for every task as it makes us more determined and less distracted from the task. As when we are aware how much time is needed for a particular task our mind tends to trigger for its completion.

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Make a to-do list but don’t overload

Big dreams are achieved with baby steps taken in the direction to achieve them. All of your small achievements clubbed together forms true picture of your big dream. Make a to-do lists for all the tasks you need to accomplish to fulfil your dreams and present yourself all the measurable steps you need to have in future. After that you have formed your to-do lists follow it consistently and revise whenever needed. This will not only keep you more focused but also keep you motivated for your dreams.

Plan ahead

It is well said that “Failing to plan is Planning to fail”. Instead of focusing on what all is to be done, you wander aimlessly and cater trivial matter unconsciously. You should plan your day before you even start your day.

You can opt any of the two options to plan ahead for your upcoming day-

Night Before

Before you end up for the work of the day, make sure that you dedicate 15 minutes to plan and organize tasks for the next day.

First thing the morning

During your morning routine, take out time to jot down the important tasks for the day before you start working for the day. This will make your day more effectively spent and productive.

Delegate your tasks

Delegation also called to be outsourcing is a tricky task but it would play major role in achieving your essential tasks within time frame along with efficiency. Outsourcing tasks means that you give some of the unimportant tasks to the other person. Make sure that these activities do not require any training to be given from your end. It may be difficult for some of you to delegate your tasks but it is essential as it acts as a time saver and lessens your workload, which means you are left with more time for your important tasks. You can delegate normal household chores to your younger ones or some other individual.

Eliminate Distraction

We as a student are often distracted by the social media, friends and end up wasting our precious time. It is better that when you go for study keep your smartphone away from you or just turn it off for the time you are studying. As sometime a glance over the phone or a single ring or notification on your phone distracts you. It steals all your crucial time by engaging you with content of your interests. Try having your study space away from smartphones and TVs.


Prioritization play a very important role for you to manage all your tasks more effectively and efficiently. When you prioritize your tasks in your to-do lists, you are able to tackle your important tasks within given time constraint. By accessing what needs to be achieved within a given timeframe, you get to mark your tasks as per their importance and deadlines. It helps to ensure that activities that are vitally important but not urgent are given precedence. The way you align your tasks depends on your own personal choice.

Some of you first complete your difficult and lengthy tasks within limited time and then with less stress complete the remaining. On the other hand, there are people who first complete their small tasks which require less time and then devote their dedicated time to the difficult task. It is usually recommended to complete your difficult task first as you are afresh and have full energy in the initial start of the day. Moreover, you will be at peace with the rest of the work for the left-over day.

Avoid Multi-tasking

At times we try to handle more than one work at a time, which eventually ends up making a mess or not able to give our best results in either of the two tasks. So, it is better to focus on one work at a time and complete each task in less time rather than spending extra time on tasks just because you are trying multitask with your projects and work. This would be an ineffective of completing any work as you won’t be able to have proper knowledge on any of the subject matter.

Take regular breaks

To make worth out of your plan and complete your tasks efficiently you need to take sufficient number of breaks. Our mind needs to relax after each task getting completed. This will afresh your mind and work productively for the next task.

Be an early bird

Always try initiating your tasks before the deadlines for the same knocks you with late night workings. Complete your work before hand and try getting a little forward from what you need to do. This will help you to spare out your time for yourself and your emergencies. Always keep track of your tasks and their deadline so stay intact.