How to become an Air Hostess in 2023-24

How to become an Air Hostess
How to become an Air Hostess

Are you a person who can get along with all kinds of people? If so, the career in cabin crew or in simpler words air hostess of a commercial plane can suit you and you may consider it to be your career plan ahead after your studies. If you are thinking of becoming an Air Hostess then read this blog post thoroughly, where I have explained almost everything required related to the topic and I am quite sure you will enjoy reading and be benefitted.

As an air hostess you have a baggage of responsibilities onboard. Your responsibilities list includes greeting passengers, guide them to their seat and help settling them, coordinate with security personnel, etc,

Man can also pursue it but it is usually preferred by women. A man in this position is called steward.

The salary of an air hostess is very lucrative in the field of aviation. It is dream of almost every young girl to be an air hostess. One can join course to begin their training for becoming air hostess. It is one of the high-profile career opportunities and professional in India.

This is interest as a profession opens up more options as it is not just limited to handsome salary but also brings forth chance to meet people of different culture, belonging to different countries, visit different places, chance to meet celebrities, politicians, business tycoons and learn new every day.

The job seems to be easy but air hostess has many responsibilities at airplane and not just a job to be performed. It gets difficult for the air hostess to handle all the passengers as they are not same and have a varied interest. If some trouble is created at the plane by someone, the air hostess needs to be very calm and composed. She needs to remain patient and politely handle.

The answer to the question that “How to become an air hostess” is described below with all the needed requirements and steps.

There are many courses one can pursue in order to take up career path to becoming an air hostess. This post requires many skills like patience, confidence, good and pleasing character and personality, team working skills and communication skills. The program offered as training provide as chance to explore world and interact with various people. Many colleges and universities offer these courses to train individuals in the field.

Job responsibilities of an Air Hostess

As aviation industry is getting tremendous growth and will grow at faster pace in coming years, hence the profession of air hostess provides heaps of opportunities and financial security and prosperity. This profession involves slew of duties to be performed. Some of these are stated as below-

  • Providing exceptional customer service during flight.
  • Escorting elderly passengers and helping at the time of take off and landing of flights.
  • Serving eatables like snacks, meals and drinks, after this collecting the trashes, trays and glasses before plane lands.
  • Giving instructions about security measures and procedure.
  • Covering evacuation procedures during landings or crashes
  • Taking care that all the equipments are provided and they are working properly before take-off of the flight.


If you have cleared your 12th, you can join the profession. Now a 12th passed student have a question in his/her mind “How to become an air hostess”. The simple answer to the question is that you can pursue the following courses.

 The duration of the certified program ranges from 6 months to 1 year. The certificate is received by the candidate after the training of just 3-4 months.

Some of the certified courses are as given below-

  • Aviation Management and Hospitality
  • Aviation customer service
  • Air hostess management
  • Air hostess training
  • Airlines hospitality
  • Cabin crew/ flight attendant
  • Private pilot training
  • Aviation travel and hospitality management
  • Certified course for personality development
  • International Air cargo
  • Night rating
  • Air hostess / flight purser
  • Hospitality travel and customer service
  • Air ticketing and tourism
  • Air RT/ radio flight officer
  • Airport ground management
  • Commercial pilot training

Diploma/ PG Diploma courses

Diploma courses are the one having time duration of 1 year but is same as certificate air hostess training period.

  • Diploma in air hostess training
  • Diploma in hospitality and travel management
  • Diploma In aviation and hospitality management
  • Diploma in cabin crew/ flight attendant training
  • Diploma in airlines management and customer service
  • Diploma in hospitality, travel and customer service
  • Diploma in Air cargo practices and documentation
  • Diploma in professional ground staff services
  • Diploma in group handling and cargo management
  • Diploma in airport ground staff training with on-the-job training

Degree courses for pursuing this career

  • B.Sc. in Air hostess training
  • Bachelor of hospitality and travel management
  • B.Sc. Aviation
  • BBA in tourism management
  • Bachelor of travel and tourism management
  •  Degree in international airlines and travel management

Master or post graduate courses

  • MBA (Aviation)
  • Post graduate diploma in aviation and hospitality services
  • PG diploma in Airport Ground Services
  • PG Diploma in Aviation, hospitality, travel and customer service

Eligibility criteria for Air Hostess

1)Academics– Candidate must have cleared higher senior secondary education with minimum aggregate or 50%. He/she must know English, Hindi, or any other foreign language.

2) Age– it depends on the organisation you are joining. The age of the candidate must range between 17 to 26 years.

3) Marital status– Aviation companies usually prefer unmarried girl but some organisation also take up married girl.

4) Physical standardsThe minimum height should be around 157 cm or 5’2 inch. The skin colour does not matter much but the girl applying must be physically fit, active and attractive. No tattoos, piercing, or wild hairstyles.

5) Medical conditions– The applicant must be mentally sound and fit. This is verified by the aviation team on their own. In addition to this the candidate must not have any serious/significant illness. The candidates should also not have acrophobia (fear of heights).

Admission procedure

What is the procedure to get admitted in air hostess course, how to become an air hostess?

After completing 12th, one can directly apply to the college or institute. The college then conducts a personal interview and group discussions for taking up admission procedure. Candidate have to appear for all the round conducted of admission by college or institute.

Selection will be made by based on the skills of the candidate. Also, personality will also be a parameter to be tested while admission process. Some of the factors determining selection of a candidate are given as follows-

  1. Confidence
  2. Good appearance
  3. Communication skills
  4. Positive attitude

Entrance exams

One can enter this field by clearing the entrance exams conducted by various institutes. The colleges conduct their own entrance exam to select the candidate. Candidates are required to perform well and clearing entrance examination will assure the selection of candidate for next stage of admission.

Colleges offering Air Hostess courses after 12th

Becoming an Air hostess is one of the best career options after 12th.

While answering to the question that “how to become an air hostess”. The following institutes and college are the main components which help learn the relevant skills to become an air hostess: –

  1. Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training
  2. Remo International College of Aviation, Chennai
  3. Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation
  4. Coimbatore Marine College
  5. Jet airways Training Academy
  6. Ascend Aviation Academy
  7. Universal Aviation Academy
  8. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics
  9. Air Hostess Academy
  10. 10)Kingfisher Training Academy


The most popular subjects within the syllabus are as follows-

  • Aircraft familiarisation
  • Emergency situation handling
  • Food and catering services
  • Airport familiarisation
  • Flight evaluation
  • Communication skills
  • First aid
  • Passenger psychology
  • Leadership and inter-department coordination
  • Technical training (basic aircraft functions, safety procedures)

Career as an Air Hostess in 2023-24

There is a great competition between candidates who apply for this profile. All the airlines are in a tendency to compete for competent air hostess to serve their customers or consumers. The post of air hostess is also called as flight attendant, stewards/stewardesses, cabin crew and cabin attendants.

Candidates check for vacancy and accordingly apply in the profile. Some of the major recruiter who recruit these air hostesses are-

  • Air India
  • SpiceJet
  • Vistara
  • Cathay Pacific
  • IndiGo
  • Lufthansa
  • Jet Airways
  • Virgin Airways
  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates Airlines
  • British Airways
  • Jagson airlines
  • Gulf air
  • Delta airlines
  • Go air

Salary of an Air Hostess in 2023-24

Why to know that “how to become an air hostess”? It can be well justified by the reason that it offers a handsome salary to the person, which in itself is the most appropriate force along with other lucrative benefits one get by pursuing this job.

Average salary earned by air hostess is between Rs. 16000-Rs 75000 per month. The initial salary of air hostess is about Rs 16000 p.m. domestic airlines pay up to Rs 40,000 per month and international airlines pay near about Rs 80,000 per month, depending upon your work experience. Whereas a luxurious international airline may pay 1-2 lakhs per month to a senior air hostess.

The other perks which are given to an air hostess includes- discounts on flight tickets, medical insurance and retirement benefits.

One can while pursuing course of air hostess can enhance its skill over the period and join more career opportunities.


The next question which arises being an Indian is that what is different in procedure of India, “how to become an air hostess”

Skill and attributes required to become an air hostess-

  • She should be a Pleasing personality to help people on board
  • She should have Sense of responsibility towards her work
  • She must have Good physique and should be attractive and fit
  • She should have Patience to work long hours
  • She should have good Communication and interactive skills
  •  She must be Solution oriented and systematic approach towards duty’
  • She should have Language proficiency that is she must be good at English, Hindi and any foreign language as required
  • She should have Sense of humour and team spirit to handle the people on board and coordinate with her crew well
  • She should have Clear speech and voice to communicate and interact well
  • She should be Swift in taking decisions as and when situations require
  • She should have Positive attitude at all times and ready to work in flexible timings.
  •  She should have a Good presence of mind and attentive in all situations.

Eligibility criteria

  • Mastery in English and other foreign languages as per requirement
  • 18-26 years of age
  • 10+2 qualified with degree in hospitality or another specified graduate degree
  • Height of minimum 157 cm and weight proportionate to height
  • Eligible for an Indian passport
  • Good height
  • Unmarried
  • Perfect eyesight (6/6)
  • Fair to clear complexion

The initial step is screening followed by written test, group discussion and personal interview.

Accepted candidates are given the training in relevant procedure to be followed.

Scope and job prospects

This career opportunity offers you constant studying and skill development especially when you are prospering and angling for promotions.


Another step while answering the question of how to become an air hostess is training process.

Air hostess training is not a mandatory or essential training to take up to get into the profession. Self-preparation is what is needed the most in this line.

However, there are some institutions providing training to develop basic skills required for the profession.

You can also pursue distance learning course “Airline Cabin Crew Training” which requires 40-45 hours of self-study and 3-hour exam from International Air Transport Association.

Top 10 colleges in India to become Air Hostess

  1. Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Delhi
  2.  Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training, Mumbai
  3. Wings air hostess and hospitality training
  4. PTC-Aviation Academy
  5. Indira Gandhi institute of aeronautics
  6. Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics
  7. Universal Aviation Academy
  8. Institute for personality, etiquette and grooming
  9. Air hostess academy

10)Jet Airways Training Academy

Some of the Courses offered by these institutes are-

  1. Airport Ground services
  2. Air hostess and flight steward
  3. Aviation cargo
  4. Aviation security awareness basic
  5. Hospitality and customer services
  6. Pilot training, etc.


The candidates applying for the job of air hostess have to go through the following process of recruitment. Airlines companies recruit candidates using-

  1. Written exam
  2. Group discussion
  3. Interview

Written exam

 It is an aptitude-based test and includes reasoning.

The question paper consists of multiple-choice objective questions. This clearly implies that one needs to be prepared properly to clear the given examination with flying colours.

Group discussion

After the candidate has cleared the entrance exam the next step comes group discussion to step ahead on the ladder. In group discussion basically your presence of mind, communication skills, leadership and teamwork skills, etc are tested before the interview. The preparation of group discussion needs a lot of practice to appear confident and comfortable at the time of group discussion.


After all the above steps are cleared the person gets qualified for interview round. In this step your overall personality is judged.

After the selection is made at the last round, you are given training for next 6 months.


Male can also get an opportunity to join this adventurous profession.  Everything applies just as same it applies to women.

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