Career options after 12th science PCM

Career options after 12th Science PCM

As soon as a student completes his/her 12th, they are worried about the career options to choose next. Many students are in a dilemma and confusion about choosing the career options after 12th science PCM. In olden days there were only few options available for selecting the career. But now with advancement in technology and education a huge number of choices are available to students to choose their career options after 12th Science PCM.

As huge number of career options are available, many students are confused and overwhelmed. There are two feelings which a student come across after passing 12th standard. One feeling is of happiness that after great hard work I have finally completed my 12th standard. One more feeling generally faced by students is of confusion that “WHAT TO DO NEXT” Many students often land up in a wrong career by the family pressure and the thinking of a society.

The various notions of a society like the doctors and engineers are the only the best career fields. Being a doctor or an Engineer is considered as the white collar job. But this notion is not at all true. There are many courses which are very high in demand other than becoming a doctor an engineer. It is the choice of every individual to decide his/her career by their own choice , interest and relevant skills.

Coming in pressure of any family members and choosing the career can make the student to dislike that career and the student cannot give his/her hundred percent in a particular career. But if the career is chosen according to his/her own interest and strength then he/she will be able to give their best in a particular field.

How to choose a career? 

Know your interest

It is very important to know about your interests and strong skills before choosing a career. If you know about your strength then you can choose that particular career. If you choose a career according to your interest then you will never feel burden of learning about that course once you get into it. As you are interested and good at this field you will engage in learning everything happily.

Future outcomes

 The career which you are choosing today should bring a very good future outcome to you and should grow within the coming years. Many careers may seem good to you now but what if they don’t have any scope or don’t develop in future. So, choose a career which reaches new heights in future and is more in demand.

Job requirements

The career which you have chosen should fulfill your job requirements according to your choice. The job should be suitable to you. You should know about the technical and the soft skills of the job. So, choose a career which provides the job that suits you and your interest the best.

Make a list

Make a list of all the careers in which you are interested. Then identify the career in which you have more interest. Search about the subjects which you will be thought in all this career options. Then find out that which career have your favorite subjects. Choose the career on which you have strong skills and interest.

career options after 12th science pcm

So, the first thing which a student has to do is to identify their strong points and interests which they have. After that read the career options given below. You will get a clear idea about the choices which you have. To make it easier for you we have listed some of the best Career options after 12th Science PCM . You can choose it according to your strength and interest in a particular field.


Bachelor of technology/ Bachelor of Engineering – Students who have passed class 12 by physics, chemistry and mathematics, they can build their career in engineering field. To get admission in this course they have to appear for JEE and state level entrance exam.


         Many students think that engineering is the only option after passing the 12th with PCM subjects. So those students who don’t want to do engineering often land up in doing engineering because of their family pressures and the thinking of the society. Yes, engineering is considered as the white collar and the prestigious job.

So, everyone thinks that if a student has taken PCM in 12th he/ she will make their career in engineering only. But this is not true. Engineering is not the only option after taking PCM in 12th. One of the best things about passing 12th with PCM is, the students can get shift into any filed after 12th PCM.

It is not necessary that he/ she have to pursue their career in this field only. PCM students can even go to Arts and Commerce field. As math is a common and a basic subject required in most of the field, PCM students can pursue their career in any of the field.                   

       To avoid your confusion, we have listed down the best and the trending career options other than engineering. So, go through all the career options carefully and choose it according to your interests and the skills.

NDA-National Defense Academy (NDA) is a joint service academy of Indian army, the Navy and the Air force, the academy gives training for the candidates before they go to a respective service.   Students who have completed 12th by PCM and want to serve the nation, for them it is the best option to appear for NDA exam and make a good career in this field.

Bachelor of Architecture- B.Arch. is a program of 5 years and it mainly focuses on building architecture, construction management, transportation planning, interior design, landscape architecture. Students who have completed their 12th can opt for this course by the NATA or JEE mains score card to get admission in the top colleges of the country.

Bachelor of Planning –It is a professional undergraduate course. Students who have completed their 12th by PCM can opt for this field. It mainly focuses on shaping the urban environment in all the ways like environmentally, culturally, socially and have an important impact on our lives. Admission to B. Plan program is based on class 12th results from CBSE examination. Students can get admitted to top colleges of the country through JEE Mains or NATA score card.

Bachelor of Computer Application- Students having interest in computer science, for them this is the best career option. BCA is a bachelor undergraduate program and is very high in demand because of the rapid growth in the IT industry. The duration of this course is 3 years. Students can get admission in the top colleges of the country by merit based i.e., performance in class 12th.They can also pursue their career in MCA or MBA after completion of the BCA course

B.Sc. – Bachelor of science is a degree program which allows the students to study subject of their choice. There are many options in like in physics, in   mathematics, in   chemistry etc. So, for a PCM student this can be considered as one of the best fields to pursue their career. Students can get admission to top institutes on merit and many prestigious institutes conduct their own entrance test. 

Aviation- Aviation is also considered as one of the best career options for students who have passed their 12th by PCM subjects. It can take you to a high sky ride. It is a mixture of science, technology and travel. You can become a commercial pilot, corporate pilot, and an aircraft maintenance engineer also. In aviation students are thought about the flight controls.

Forensic Science- Students having a dream of becoming an investigative officer are best suited for this field. Forensic science uses knowledge from various fields like chemistry, physics, computer science. So, if you are PCM student, then this is the best career option for you. Forensic science is all about solving criminal cases and needs a scientific approach.

Computer applications and IT- Students having love for computers, programming language and coding, for them there cannot be any better field than this. This is a trending and an upcoming career. Ss the technology is increasing day by day; this career option can be at the highest demand in future. Students in this field are thought about operating systems, programming language, etc.

BBA- Bachelor of business administration is a three-degree course. It is a management program which teaches students about the entrepreneurship, the decision-making skills, and the communication skills. BBA can be done in various fields like marketing, finance, accounting and resource as well. You can also work as a HR by pursuing your career in BBA.

Physical science- Physical science refers to the study of inorganic minerals such as earth, space and atmosphere. It has various fields like Meteorology, Astronomy, Disaster Management, Geology, Cartography etc. This field is all about applying the scientific phenomena by conducting experiments and research. So, by pursuing this field you can become an astrologer also.

Diploma in nautical science– This is a course for which subjects like mathematics, and science are compulsory, so for a PCM student this can also serve as the best choice to build the career. Its deals with the knowledge and techniques involved in navigating and operating a ship safely from one point to another. This field requires a lot of practical training.

BA LLB – Bachelor of Arts +Bachelor of Laws is a 5-year integrated program. The best thing about this course is that students from any field like PCM, PCB etc. are eligible for this course. So, it is a good option for students who have passed their 12th by PCM subjects and have a dream of becoming a lawyer.

BJMC- Bachelor of journalism and mass communication is a 3-year course. Students who want to make their career in media can choose this course. Students from any field are eligible for this course. This course offers many job opportunities to students like being a news anchor, a content writer, a journalist and many more.

BA in Humanities and Social Science– This field is related to Social science, Liberal arts and Fine arts. Students who have completed their 12th from any field are eligible for this course. This course includes the study of human society and culture. So, students having interest in this subject can join this filed also.

Other popular and trending career options after 12th Science PCM

Animation- India is one of the biggest animation hubs. You can work as an animation artist in animation studios. This course is the best choice for students having interest in art and computers. This course is offered at many reputed and prestigious institutes which have their own entrance exams.

Video game developer– It is well known that the video game industry is growly rapidly in this 21st century. So, if you have a passion for video games you can opt for this field too. In this field the students are generally thought about the animation and the graphic design. India is also about to open many testings studious and has built relation with many multinational companies for this sake.

Product design-Product design is one of the best upcoming field nowadays. This degree deals with branding, marketing and sales. It is just not about designing, it’s all about your creativity. Many institutes provide this course. You can also do graduation in product design if you have interest in this field. This field is considered as important because nowadays we need all things to be smart that is even our products.

Financial markets– This one of the fields in commerce. This degree is about the financial markets in the country. As you have completed your 12th by PCM, you will be very good with the numbers so why not choose specialization in financial markets. In this course you will be thought about the foreign exchange, trading stocks etc.

Ethical hacking– Ethical hacking has become a trending course as the technology is increasing and is an exciting career. Ethical hackers bring out any vulnerabilities in a company’s network security to prevent the leak of private and the sensitive information. They find the faults in the system’s defense. So, students having logical thinking and technical skills can choose this career too.

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