Market Research Companies in India

Top Market Research Companies
Top Market Research Companies

Market research Companies perform the very critical task of Market Research. They determine the best practices for engaging your target customers, understanding the parameters of a new market, and investing with confidence. Not every person or companies can become a market research expert. But, there are some top market research companies in India who are expert in this.

What Market Research companies do ?

Below is the list of few tasks, A Market Research company can help you with:

  • They monitor your company’s performance with resect to your competitors in the market
    They observe the market trends.
  • These companies do the market research and provide the valuable inputs They also research on your product and its demand in the market.
  • These companies provide the details of the potential customers and related market.

  • They evaluate the past actions of your company during any boost in the sale, of your company’s product, services.

  • The Market Research companies also do the research on the opportunities for your company to grab the market
  • Also provide the report on your pitfalls where you need to improve

  • The Market Research companies help in solving the issues your company’s is facing in the market.

Top 5 Market Research Companies

  1. The Nielsen
  2. Kantar IMRB International
  3. RNB Research
  4. Majestic MRSS
  5. TNS India Private Limited

1. The Nielsen

Nielsen is on number-1 Market Research company not only in India bu also Globally. Though it is UK based company but its almost 97% revenue is generated from outside of UK.

Top Market Research Companies in India

The Nielsen Company has been playing a very important role in the country. It exists in 100 different countries and provides businesses with a list of services to check the insights of their tasks as well as their target customers and users. It is into researching, surveying and measuring data.

2. Kantar IMRB International

Kantar IMRB has its headquarter in Mumbai, it has its global existence in 100+ different countries. It is said to be a brand in the field of Marketing research and remains in top 5 Market Research Companies in India.

Top Market Research Companies in India

Kantar IMRB is a highly reputed market research and consumer consulting organization. It partners its clients across the entire brand life-cycle through a unique mix of innovation and analytical thinking to design customized solutions that deliver the greatest impact.


This company was selected a Superbrand by a mix of consumers and industry professionals.

It is an eight-time recipient of “Agency of the Year”; Kantar IMRB’s footprint extends to 49 offices across the world, servicing clients in 67 countries.

3. RNB Research

With its corporate office in New Delhi, India, RNB Research, is an ISO 9001:2000 certified marketing research as well as data collection company that exists in countries like South Africa, Thailand, India, China, Philippines and Russia. It is said to be one of the top five marketing research companies in India.

Top Market Research Companies in India

4. Majestic MRSS

Majestic Market Research Support Services Ltd. was founded in 1992. Today It is a player in the field of Marketing Research and Survey, it has its presence in many Asian countries. It provides various businesses with various research services.

Majestic MRSS

MRSS India offers a wide range of Qualitative and Quantitative Research Services both nationally and internationally. MRSS INDIA is a member of MRSI and DIN (Digital Insight Network – Global). Only company in MR space in India to be listed on BSE SME Exchange – greater vision, greater commitment! With this comes higher standard of service, delivery and transparency.

5. TNS India Private Limited

This company may not be a very old one in the market, but it has been leaving its footprints in the field of marketing research. With its headquarters in London, UK, it has been serving various businesses in India for quite some time now. It focuses on delivering the insight of a business by providing it with enough marketing data and information.

TNS India

TNS India Pvt Ltd. provides market research services. The Company offers quantitative and qualitative market research techniques, as well as solutions including proprietary market feedback models.

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